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PLEASE NOTE: This board is no longer accepting new registrations. To get started on the current API, please go to https://developer.tdameritrade.com/ and register to get started. This board is for developers approved for the previous version of the TD Ameritrade API.

Welcome to the TD AMERITRADE API Support Portal

TD AMERITRADE's Application Programming Interface (API) is a protocol that TD AMERITRADE is making available to programmers - both trading application developers or individual traders who wish to integrate their software with TD AMERITRADE services for:

* Get streaming data - quotes, level II, news, actives
* Get snapshot data - quotes, news, option chains
* Get historical quote OHLC data - intraday and daily
* Get trading account information - balances, positions, transactions
* Submit/Modify/Cancel orders, including conditional orders and complex options orders

The protocol is HTTP/HTTPS based, so it is proxy-friendly and easy to code to. Trading and most snapshot data responses are XML-based, and are easily parsed.

In addition, DLL and ActiveX wrappers are provided for Windows developers. The wrappers provide easy multi-threaded and thread-safe access to the API.

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Recent API News
Futures data not yet available in the API. Until it is, the threads relating to the futures data have been locked and hidden.

New Streaming Transaction Notification functionality has been added. Refer to this post

API Dcumentation and updates can be found at the Documentation Thread